Friday, 5 August 2011

Artist Ezra-K

In the name of Birth the artist is called Ezra kitungano, 18 years old working with many music band in Hull and also peform live on some big events inside the city (Refugee Week Festival In Hull, Coolture event In Hull..). working with 3 guys: Joycer Kashilembo, Walesa Kashindi, John Ramazani and few girls named Winnis Kyapi. Rachel Northage and other more... the Band started in 2007 with the name of Borashabaa but after the Band hard some miss understanding management which did lead the Group to separate, where the Artist Ezra went Decided to stink with his own band after spent ore time reding some songs and then the rest of the group have felt to keep going with the other Band.
The Upendo Crew Band is one of the small Band known know among biggest Bands in Hull representing Hip pop, A&B Soul and Africa music ( dance) the music is in Many Languages like: Swaili French, English and Other more...the Idea of the band is to keep going and get support so that the can achieve the gold of being a big or wide Band.the Idea is to be known around all the City and outside the City, but how? this is just you who can allow this band tocome be so. so please give your support because it's needed at this time. if you don't support this band now when do you think you will do that??
NB: I hope you will enjoy listerning and watching songs and videos for this litle Band, we believe that your support can allow as to go far where we never imagine, please if you may need to know more about as, don't hesitate to leave as a message.
Thank you and Enjoy the songs.